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Advanced materials play a critical role in modern life. Considering the wide application of material science, understanding the composition, structure and characteristics of materials can provide solutions for engineering, electronics, transportation, manufacturing, energy, medicine and research.

Using high resolution Micro-Computed Tomography imaging (μCT), Nexus Metrology provides solutions that can analyze a broad range of composite materials, metal alloys, ceramics, glasses, biomaterials and semiconductors. Evaluation of 3D scanned information in combination with precise material simulation software allows us to understand, simulate and model the behavior of a material and its properties.

This information provides valuable insights in the process of redesigning workflows, creating process optimization, highlighting property characterizations and enhancing new material development.

Types of Investigation

using our

CT scanning services:

2D/3D Imaging Modeling Complex Geometry High-Resolution Scanning Fiber Analysis Evaluation of Porosity, Delamination, Inclusions Fatigue, Corrosion, Stress Ruptures, Fractures, Cracking and Crack Propagation Non-Destructive Examination of Prototypes

Our Services are used by
Engineers & Scientists
in many Areas Including:

  • Biomaterials
  • Ceramics
  • Microstructure of Metal Alloys
  • Fiber Composites (Glass and Carbons), Polymers & Organic Compounds
  • Conductors / Semiconductors

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