Easy-to-use digital
material modeling &
visualisation software

Nexus Metrology combines industry expertise with GeoDict, an innovative software from Math2Market to provide a complete software solution for multi-scale 3D image processing, material modeling and visualization. Nexus Metrology's simulation experts provide targeted solutions for Industry and Research in Oil & Gas, Electrochemistry, Filtration, Composites, daily use products and more.

Simplify Material Engineering & Non-Destructive Material Analysis Using Digital Material Models.

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Leverage Material Characterization Capabilities from Nexus Metrology to Engineer Better Materials & Processes Profitably

- Import and Segment 3D-material images from CT-scans
- Convert 3D-images into 3D material models
- Compute, analyse and plot 3D geometrical and physical material properties by simulation
- Output and Export data for input to CAE tools and other CFD software
- Design novel materials on the computer
- Visualize 3D material models and property simulation results               

Nexus Metrology offers contractual Material Characterization Simulation Services across North America for companies, institutions and labs looking to bring their specimen understanding to a higher level of expertise.