Life Science
2D/3D X-ray Imaging Services for Life Science

Bringing specimen accuracy
& attributes to a higher
level of expertise.

Life Science professionals require a non-destructive, proven and reliable method for internal structure quantification and analysis of specimens. Ideally, there would be no specimen preparation, coating or environmental / vacuum treatment needed.

Nexus Metrology provides high-resolution X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) imaging services to produce detailed three-dimensional images and qualitative data analysis for scientific applications.

Whether in biology, archeology, paleontology, or in any other type of Life Science research, Nexus Metrology offers professional Micro-CT imaging services that bring your specimen understanding to a higher level of expertise. EXPLORE

Our Services are used by
Engineers & Scientists
in many Areas Including:

- Bone Structure
- Soft Tissue
- Anatomy
- Dentistry
- Oceanography
- Archeology & Paleontology
- Pharmacology
- Biomaterial
- Wood & Paper Research
- Food Science

Types of Investigation
Using our
CT Scanning

- 2D/3D Imaging
- Internal Structure Visualization
 and Characterization
- 3D Structural Characterization and Modeling
- Morphological Analysis

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