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Nexus Metrology Provides Contractual 2D/3D Imaging & Inspection Services.
Nexus Metrology, a division of Trikon Technologies Inc., is dedicated to providing Micro-Computed Tomography (CT) and Material Characterization Services to Industry Application areas, Science and Academia. Most notably, we work in the fields of:
  • - Engineering & NDT
  • - Geoscience
  • - Material Science
  • - Life Science
Our Imaging Science Center is committed to helping clients grasp and master the major imaging information metrics challenges of today and tomorrow.
Over 25 Years of Experience in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Materials Characterization & Dimensional Measurements Applied to Imaging
Our goal is to provide clients with practical, cost-effective solutions.

For over a quarter century, our team has harnessed global, innovative technologies to offer measurement, control products and services around non-destructive testing, materials characterization and dimensional measurement.

We leverage this expertise to deliver Computed Tomography Services for successful scanning, inspection and analysis of specimens, parts and materials.

Most industries are in a continuous state of evolution. We are eager to accept the next generation of technological challenges with an unwavering commitment to bring accurate, value-based solutions using the latest imaging technology, consultation and services that will generate positive results for clients. What Makes Nexus Metrology Service Center Different?
How We Approach
Your Situation
We listen, then we talk
We take time to understand your needs upfront and what your expectations are to mitigate risk and ensure successful outcomes
We engage our experts to offer new perspectives and ideas
We center our approach on collaborative brainstorming sessions about possible solutions
We work with you to achieve mutual goals by being responsive to your concerns
We deliver results
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