2D/3D X-ray Imaging &Material Simulation Services

2D/3D X-ray Imaging & Material Simulation Services

Nexus Metrology provides, state-of-art, 2D/3D X-ray imaging and specimen material characterization simulation services to a wide spectrum of customer applications across North America.

We work with companies, institutions and labs from different market segments requiring frequent, or occasional, non-destructive specimen inspection services using Micro-Computed Tomography (µCT) imaging technology and material characterization simulation software.

Major Usage Areas of CT in Science & Industry

The application areas of CT scanning are diverse and extensive, since any material, or component, can be examined with the technology. Sample usage areas including:

- Non-Destructive Testing
- 3D Materials Characterization
- Dimensional Measurement (Metrology)

The majority of our customers come from four distinct application areas including: engineering & NDT, Material Science, Geoscience and Life Science.